About Transera

Transera, a Broadsoft Company, is a team of tech innovators who are the contact center and statistical performance analytics experts— ­we’ve spent decades helping contact centers perform better and we know the pain points and the opportunities inside and out. We’ve come from the on-premise contact center and telephony world, created the most innovative and enterprise-ready cloud-based virtual contact center infrastructure and married both to the powerhouse possibilities of Big Data analytics. If you have a business metric that needs to be improved in your contact center, then you are in the right place.

Over the past decade, we have seen contact centers effectively tackle cost-cutting and operational efficiencies, but now it’s time to improve business contribution in terms of first-call resolutions, sales conversions, revenues and customer satisfaction and retention. This is where we come in.

We work with consumer-facing companies to transform their contact centers into strategic business assets. Our cloud-based software is the only solution that improves contact center performance through statistical analytics that draw out insights which are then used to drive global management and control of interactions. We improve contact center performance through integrations with your existing contact center systems or as a stand-alone solution.

Software Solutions

Transera’s cloud-based contact center software maximizes business performance by analyzing customer interactions and agent activity. Using predictive analytics, Transera recommends and automates system and agent behavior changes that increase first-call resolutions, sales conversions, revenues and customer satisfaction and retention. 

Analytics-driven Customer Engagements (ACE)

A cloud solution that collects and connects complex customer interaction records from disparate contact center systems and provides powerful Software-as-a-Service capabilities for segmenting, profiling, visualizing and analyzing the data. Data science techniques are then applied via Analytics-as-a-Service to determine the factors that result in the most desirable business outcomes and to then model how to implement changes into contact center operations.

Global Contact Center Management and Routing

A SaaS offering that creates a single, global queue in the cloud for centralized voice, chat, email, social media, routing, scripting, recording 
and web call back customer interactions. Using Transera ACE, the solution dynamically determines how best to route each interaction across multiple sites, systems, outsourcers and teams to maximize business outcomes based on predictive analytics-driven rules.


Transera’s solutions are ideally suited for B2C companies in industries such as retail, communications and media services, consumer financial services, hospitality and travel, as well as business process outsourcers (BPOs), where sales, customer experience and customer retention are critical. 

Hear Prem Uppaluru, Transera's CEO, Discuss the Value of Customer Engagement Analytics