Transera's Customer Engagement Tools

Transera Optimizes the Performance of Your
Contact Center

Today’s contact centers are strategic assets that help brands build more valuable relationships with their customers. Regardless of the stage or
size of your contact center, it must adapt to business changes on-the-fly, scale up and down on demand, and change routing and messaging strategies in the middle of the day. And it needs to do this with an eye towards operational efficiency and performance metrics that assure service levels are met and quality customer service is never sacrificed.

More About Why Transera Matters

Multiple ways to engage with Transera

  • Centralize management and control of your distributed global contact center
  • Add voice to your Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud implementations in days
  • Optimize existing system and agent behaviors through analytics
  • Monitor performance with real-time dashboards
  • Automate and schedule cross-system reports

Manage and Control Your Contact Center in the Cloud

Transera’s cloud-based contact center implementations don’t just connect callers with agents — they connect the caller with the right agent, with the right messages and context, at the right time.

Global Omni-Channel
Contact Centers

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Call Center App
For Salesforce

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  • Analytics-driven routing strategies to adjust to dynamic business conditions
  • Global visibility across teams, sites and outsourcers
  • Centrally managed Omni-Channel interactions — voice, email, chat and social
  • Customer and agent matching based on customer need, customer propensity and agent track records
  • Centralized, global queue for consistent service levels
  • Globally maintained scripts for centralized quality and control

Analyze and Improve Your Contact Center Performance

Whether the data is coming from Transera systems, or your existing CRM, ACD, IVR or Omni-channel infrastructure, we can help you leverage that data to manage service levels, improve operational efficiency and increase sales, retention, first call resolutions and customer satisfaction.

Real-time Operational

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Call Center

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  • Real-time operational dashboard across sites, channels and systems
  • Unified operational performance reporting across systems and channels
  • Statistical Performance Analytics to determine where your desired business outcomes really come from
  • Analytics-driven call routing based on customer propensity, need and context
  • Analytics-driven call routing based on agent performance
  • Predictive analytics for continual learning, improvement and repeatability of business outcomes

The technology behind Transera

All the advantages of cloud technology PLUS world-class security

  • Cloud SaaS
  • Big Data
  • Security
  • Global Queuing
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