How it Works

Understand how your customer, agent & interaction data flows through our systems — and why that gives you unbeatable performance insights


The Customer Engagement Repository

Customer, Agent & Interaction Data


The Customer Engagement Analyzer

Interactively find the correlations between customers, agents, interactions, performance and just about anything else

  • Segmenting
  • Profiling
Performance & Customer Insights


Analytics as a Service

Our Data Science Team and You Partner to Validate the Insights

  • What-if analysis
  • Predictive models
  • Simulation engine
  • R analytics language
  • Machine learning techniques
Performance & Customer Insights


Predictive Analytics Engine

Uses historical data to dynamically make recommendations in real time

Business Rules Engine

Pre-define optimal system and agent behaviors

  • Customer prioritization
  • Script recommendations
  • Routing recommendations
  • Agent performance tiering
  • Matching recommendations

Agent & System Behaviors

Globally Manage and Control with Transera

Create a global queue in the cloud for centralized management, control and visibility of voice, chat, email, routing, scripting, recording, web call back & performance.


Your Existing Systems

Use data to drive the behavior of your existing ACDs, IVRs, CRMs, scripting…