Performance Reporting

Automate Contact Center Performance Reports

Save the days you spend every week and month manually creating
Contact Center Operational Reports

Many contact center managers and analysts spend hours or days every week or month, manually pulling data from different contact center systems into unified, coherent reports and spreadsheets to get a complete view of what is going on in the contact center.

With our analyzer tool, you can:

  • Stop manually creating spreadsheets
  • Unify cross system and cross-channel data
  • Slice, dice, visualize, schedule and interact
  • Save time and IT resources
  • Link operations to business performance
  • Compare real-time and historical performance

Break free of manually creating spreadsheets

Automate the creation of your operational reports:

  • More than 50% of contacts centers create spreadsheets to combine data from multiple systems for operational reporting
  • Audits have found that more than 90% of manually created spreadsheets have errors in them
  • 60% of contact center report creators spend from half a day to multiple days a week creating operational reports
  • 57% of Ventana Research survey respondents said that spreadsheets prevented them from producing timely and accurate analysis

Unify cross-system and cross channel data

On average, customers interact with a company through seven channels, as sited in recent studies by the Aberdeen Group and Ventana Research. The Transera Customer Engagement Repository connects the data from your disparate contact center systems and makes it available for unified reporting. Then the Customer Engagement Analyzer gives you a unified view into all your contact center operations in one place. Find relationships you never knew existed between customer interactions and agent activities in the ACD, IVR, Chat, Email, CRM, and other systems.

Universal Data Dictionary

Understands the data fields and formats coming from the various systems the call center uses—ACD, IVR, CRM, Marketing, Order Entry, Consumer Demographics—and applies heuristics to normalize the data across systems and vendors.

Agent Activity Records™

Provides objective, undisputable statistical insight into the actions and behaviors of agents, teams, sites and outsourcers across channels. For once you can get an integrated view of all your operations.

Customer Interaction Records™

Connects the data in different systems representing the actions taken by a customer with the same intent, providing a complete view of what a customer does to evaluate, purchase, or obtain service for your products.

Slice, dice, visualize, schedule and interact

The Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer is a drag and drop application that lets you query, segment, profile, and visualize all your connected data and create unified operational reports that run regularly.

Segment, Profile and Pivot

Using a familiar pivot table interface, slice and dice your data by selecting any set of customer interactions or agent activities and grouping them to gain the operational insights you need.

Reports with Visualizations

Easily create tabular reports, colorful bar, pie, line and area chart visualizations, and even time-motion charts that animate operational performance over time periods.

Schedule and Operationalize

Schedule reports to run regularly with email notification, or publish them in a colorful and informative dashboard for everyone to see monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even in real-time.

Interactively Analyze

Report recipients can interactively filter, sort and pivot the report to perform their own analysis of the data.

Save time and IT resources

Whether the contact center team gathers the data and creates the reports manually, or IT does it for them, 50% of contact centers say that collecting the data can take as long as analyzing the data. With the Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer, it is easy. To get started, just provide our data engineering team with sample data files from your various contact center systems and we do the rest.

  • No lengthy hierarchical data modeling process
  • We map the fields from your systems to the contact-center-system-aware Universal Data Dictionary for you
  • Transera Integration for Data Elements (TIDE) ingestion technology automates the record matching and loading
  • Prebuilt connecters to popular contact center applications and systems make it easy
  • Extensible to handle data from custom contact center applications, 3rd party systems or unique data structures
“I can’t imagine a company not improving their bottom line with Transera” Dan Cruceana, Director of Operations and Analytics, Office Depot

Link operations to business performance

With all the data linked in the Customer Engagement Repository, you can now find what impacts your business outcomes. Identify key variables that impact your sales, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. Statistically pinpoint your high performing agent teams, successful marketing programs, and the customer demographics that make a difference.

Find What and Who Delivers Results

Group your performance data by lead sources, affiliate partners, brands, customer segments, dialed numbers, queues, agents, sites, or vendors, then map to sales, order size, retentions, upsells, first call resolutions, and CSAT scores.

Correlate Operational and Business Measures

Map operational efficiency measures such as offered calls, handled calls, abandons, average handle times, and average response times to business performance measures like first call resolutions, CSAT, NPS, conversions, revenues, profits, and retentions.

Create Cross-System Measures

Create new business metrics calculated using fields and measures from multiple systems and then slice and dice. Use your imagination: average revenue per call or agent teams, average customer satisfaction ratings by marketing program, product, or ...

Compare real-time and historical performance

Other reporting and analytics applications give you a choice of seeing real-time data or historical data, not both at the same time, but with the Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer you can. Compare how today’s performance is tracking against yesterday’s, last week’s, last months’ or any other time period.

Pick the current interval you want and compare it to your past performance:

  • Snapshots: All current activity
  • Up-to-now views: Activity since midnight, last week, last month
  • Time intervals: Activities in the last 5, 15, 30 minutes
  • Windows: Activities spanning multiple time intervals