Real-time Operational Dashboard

Manage Contact Center Performance in

See everything in your contact center as it happens
across sites, systems, channels and outsourcers

Every contact center has many parts moving at the same time: customers and agents interacting over the phone, chat, email and other channels; sales, service and support conversations; agents online, idle and offline. It’s hard to know how you’re meeting service levels, key performance indicators and metrics and how to react if you are not. Transera gives you that control and visibility with a Real-time Operational Performance Dashboard, built with the Customer Engagement Analyzer that works across systems, sites, channels and outsourcers.

  • Optimize call center operations throughout the day
  • Real-time operations monitoring
  • Compare current performance to the past – in real-time
  • All your up-to-the-minute contact center data in one place
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Extensible and configurable for your unique environment

All your up-to-the-minute contact center data in one place

A Transera Operational Performance Dashboard brings together the data from your various contact center systems including your Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distributor (ACD), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Email, Chat, Twitter, Marketing Automation and other systems in real-time.

The data is then integrated into unified Customer Interaction and Agent Activity Records that represent what is going on across all channels and stored in the Transera Customer Engagement Repository.


Optimize call center operations
throughout the day

Don’t wait till next week, month or quarter to figure out how to change operations to maximize performance – let the data-driven alerts and notifications from a Transera Operational Dashboard tell you in real-time. The data will tell you in the middle of the day when you need to redirect traffic, change scripts, prioritize channels or ramp sites up or down to improve your contribution to your company’s bottom line.

  • Manage site and outsourcer service levels
  • Minimize wait times
  • Maximize sales
  • Reduce abandons
  • Take advantage of “hot” teams
  • Respond to network outages and other emergencies

Real-time operations monitoring

From a single application, get a coherent view of everything going on in your contact center across agents, teams, sites and outsourcers. Monitor operational KPIs and service level KPIs in real time.

  • Concurrent interactions across channels: chat, voice, email, etc.
  • Agents logged in at each site and outsourcer
  • Conversion and first call resolution rates
  • Calls in queue
  • Agent, team and site performance
  • Topics, issues and resolutions of all interactions

Compare current performance to the past — in real-time

Other reporting and analytics applications give you a choice of seeing real-time data or historical data, not both at the same time, but with a Transera Real-time Operational Performance Dashboard you can compare how today’s performance is tracking against yesterday’s, last week’s, last months’ or any other time period.

Pick the current interval you want and compare it to your past performance:

  • Snapshots: All current activity
  • Up-to-now views: Activity since midnight, last week, last month
  • Time intervals: Activities in the last 5, 15, 30 minutes
  • Windows: Activities spanning multiple time intervals

Real-time performance monitoring

Create and monitor cross-system KPIs that map operations to business performance in real-time. See how channels compare in first call resolutions, which teams are handling the new marketing campaign traffic best or sales figures by agent, team, site and outsourcer. Custom KPIs are easy to build with the Customer Engagement Analyzer.

Correlate Operational and Business Measures

Map operational efficiency measures such as offered calls, handled calls, abandons, average handle times, and average response times to business performance measures like first call resolutions, CSAT, NPS, conversions, revenues, profits, and retentions.

Cross-System Metrics

Create new business metrics calculated using fields and measures from multiple systems: average revenue per call by agent or team, customer satisfaction ratings by marketing program or product, service issue resolution by customer demographic.

Cross Channel Metrics

See in real-time how email, voice, chat and other channels are performing from a business perspective. Go beyond just seeing the traffic to seeing how they generate sales, first call resolutions and happy customers.

“With Transera we are able to view and analyze real-time performance metrics across multiple contact centers so that we maintain continuous, high-quality service levels and customer experiences.” Steve Williams, CEO, Aon Integramark

Extensible and Configurable for
Your Unique Environment

Configurable Alerts and Notifications

Real-time, rule-based alerts and notifications can be configured when exceptions occur so you can intervene and correct course when needed. Base them on call volumes, wait times, call times, or whatever best drives your contact center performance.

Extensible Data Sources

Dashboards are easily extended to include data from any contact center or 3rd party system such as consumer demographic data services or web clickstreams thanks to the Customer Engagement Repository and its Big Data and NoSQL foundation.

Custom Dashboards and Visualizations

The Customer Engagement Analyzer lets you drag and drop your connected data to create dashboards with pivot tables, colorful bar, pie, line and area chart visualizations, and even time-motion charts that animate operational performance over time.