Our Technical Differentiators

What makes our technology unique so that you can be the best you can be

Statistical Analytics for Predicting Performance

What could be a more accurate indicator of your future performance and success than your own track record? Transera uses all your cross-system statistical data to link your real-world customer attributes and behaviors to agent activities and performance in order to make your desired business outcomes a predictable and repeatable phenomenon.   Transera gives you a clear picture of what factors drive your contact center’s performance, and then applies predictive analytics to predict how you can maximize performance going forward.

Analytics-driven Performance Improvements

Unlike other interaction routing approaches such as static load-balancing, skill-based routing, longest available agent, or providing different phone numbers for different locations and purposes, Transera lets your data do the driving.  Your real-time data determines how to route and distribute interactions and recommend scripts all in a closed loop process that is continually improving.

Multi-source Linking for
End-to-end Customer Engagement Views

Transera extracts data from your existing systems like ACDs, IVRs, and CRMs, regardless of their vendor or location, and applies heuristics to find the correlations between records that represent the same customer intent so you can see what your customers and agents do when the customer is evaluating, purchasing, seeking service, or renewing your products or services. How better to know the complete customer experience and journey?

Then you can segment and profile by:

  • Customer attributes: Gender, age, location, income, stage of lifetime customer journey, value, status...
  • Agent attributes: Performance, skills, team, site, outsourcer...
  • Interaction attributes: Time of day, day of week, length, interaction path...
  • Campaign attributes: Media type, brand, date, time
  • ​​Outcome attributes: Sales, upsells, retentions, customer satisfaction scores, first call resolutions...

Global Queuing, Routing, Distribution and Scripting

Transera creates a central global queue from which it routes and records interactions—voice, chat, email, social—recommends scripts and distributes interactions to specific agents or teams to maximize business outcomes using real-world data—across sites, systems and outsourcers. This reduces abandons and ensures a consistent, yet personalized customer experience globally.

Big Data and Data Science

Bringing technology advances to your contact center without the learning curve

Extensible and Quick to Implement

Our Customer Engagement Repository uses Big Data and NoSQL technologies to deliver a dynamic customer interaction record that expands and shrinks based on your data sources, data formats and requirements. It requires no lengthy hierarchical data modeling process for fast implementations.

Scalability and Performance

Since our Customer Engagement Repository is implemented in Hadoop with its fast parallel analytic processing, ability to handle large amounts of data, and adaptability to multi-structured data formats, it can deliver cross-system dashboards and the data in it can be used to make recommendations in real-time.

Advanced Analytics for Better Results

The Transera Data Science Team puts the latest analytics technology and techniques to work for you. We’ve got experts in machine learning, the R analytics language, clustering techniques and other disciplines so you don’t have to be.

Data Science Team

Don’t have data scientists? No big data analytics expertise? Are your business and systems analysts busy with their day jobs? No problem, our Data Science Team will walk you through the process and transfer their knowledge to you.

World Class Security

As a cloud vendor, we’ve got to be extra secure, yet we don’t need sensitive customer information to do our jobs

Transera’s service handles millions of interactions per month for many name-brand customers, so we invested heavily in security functionality. But, we don’t need sensitive customer data and identifiers to do our analytics job, so you don’t have to share data with us you don’t want to.

Our security standards

  • SSH, SSL, and secure VPN connectivity between its application and external entities, at an infrastructure level
  • Enforce strict password policies that require periodic password resets to ensure the timeliness of password credentials, at a user level
  • Adhere to standards such as PCI to ensure that all best practices are met when it comes to securing data

Open Standards & Integration

Our team has decades of experience working with a myriad of contact center technologies

Protect the investments you’ve already made—Transera operates as a seamless part of your contact center flow integrating with your existing cloud-based and on-premise contact center technologies and leveraging existing telephony and IP carrier networks already in place, regardless of network type, carrier or geography. Transera can drive the behavior of and be driven by the data in a wide variety of ACD, IVR, CRM and other contact center systems. We know how to pull their data out and send our instructions in.

Open standards means:

  • Data integration with CTI
  • Voice integration with SIP, XML, MSCML/MSML, VoiceXML
  • Application integration with HTTP
  • An XML-based platform that stringently adheres to open standards
  • Fully leveraging existing telephony and IP carrier networks
  • A services team fluent in call center technologies
  • Open Source NoSQL and Hadoop technologies for database independence
  • Exceptionally clean APIs

Cloud Computing

Let us reduce the burden on your IT organization & let you scale or shrink on-demand

Cloud computing solutions deliver the infrastructure and applications to run your contact center via Software as a Service (SaaS) from established data centers throughout the world. Rather than incurring large upfront equipment and software costs for each of your locations, you subscribe to a service that allows you to scale your operation up and down based on demand.

Cloud computing benefits

  • Lower costs — only pay for what you use
  • No upfront capital expenditures
  • Customer calls from any geography can be answered by agents anywhere in the world
  • Full visibility and control over agents whether they are onshore, offshore, in branch offices, or working at home
  • Greater flexibility in how calls are queued and routed
  • Lighter IT load — free IT to focus on delivering business value instead of fixing an aging infrastructure
Measuring Contact Centers as Strategic Assets instead of Cost Centers